Need for Speed: at Ghost Games

November 2012- March 2013

ghost logo Ghost is a brand new racing studio in Gothenburg Sweden.
Following the work for Criterion on Most Wanted I contracted there as a consultant to fast track them on design, art direction and building open worlds for the next Need for Speed whilst they built their team from scratch.

My responsibility was to ensure that the design and visual of the worlds would deliver a great user experience, support a modern open world, be especially tailored to support the USPs of this iteration of the franchise and be build-able within the budget.

This was a complicated multiple studio effort across many different locations and timezones.

Operationally this meant delivering the world design manifesto, Connectivity planning, district and region style guides, key feature briefs, living world, weather and visual target briefs and of course constant review of sketch world and art production to ensure that the game experience delivered on screen was more than the promise of the docs.

Currently the name and premise remain unannounced.

Need For Speed: Most Wanted. Criterion Games

September 2011- November 2012

most wanted box art This project I was contracted as the interim art director.
When I started the game was already one year into a two year development cycle

I touched and influenced almost every part of the game against enormous pressures and constraints.


Following the success of the Cinematics work on NFS: Hot pursuit I returned to Criterion to provide consultancy on the tool chain for cinematics creation (both dynamic, pre-authored and offline rendered game capture) as well as execute many many pitch videos and previs work for key game features. This allowed us much more flexibility than ever before and allowed much easier delivery of quality.

User Interface

The UI went through many iterations and I provided design/wireframes, cinematic previs, visual communication previs and direction

World Producer

This was where I spent the most time on Most Wanted. The world production was very behind and the design content was considered to not really support where the game was going. I was tasked to turn this around

I led the Criterion team in redesigning vast areas of the world in support of the new user experience and managed to exceed everyones expectations delivering art direction, content and gameplay in a tightly integrated experience and achieved a delivery that seemed impossible at the start. ghost logo ghost logo ghost logo ghost logo ghost logo

Downloadable Content

In parallel to the work at Ghost I continued as a consultant for the art/design of the world for the airport dlc.

Eyepet Adventures. Sony Computer Entertainment Europe

March 2011- June 2011

This title is part of the Eyetoy franchise and was targeted at the PSP. I provided level design consultancy, visual design, concept art and marketing materials to the core team at Sony.

Here are some of the visual targets: eyepet image eyepet image eyepet image eyepet image eyepet image

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit: Criterion Games

June2010 - November2010

hotpursuit logo For Hot Pursuit I was contracted by the marketing team to direct the cinematics, asset capture and race intros.
I fleshed out briefs and creative direction, directed the pieces and ran the asset capture team to ensure we had great cinematography and useable footage.
We worked on about 20 piece in total.. "sizzle" trailers, the demo promotional, producer pieces, interviews with the team and play throughs.. as well as providing capture for Weiden and Kennedy who were partnering on some live action teasers..
It's probably twice as long as it should be but the client wanted everything covered.

Cop Trailer

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